Bankruptcy Basics

How Can Bankruptcy Help?

If you're experiencing difficulties with any kind of debt and you're not sure you'll ever be in a position to repay it then you might want to think about filing bankruptcy in order to put yourself back on financial footing.

There are a variety of bankruptcies which will be beneficial to certain people more than others based on the specific circumstances. It is essential to discuss your circumstances with a bankruptcy lawyer so they can give you advice on the Chapter will be the best one to apply for. We can help you find a bankruptcy lawyer in your area so that you can meet with them in person to discuss the process further. The filing of bankruptcy can allow you to attain the financial freedom you've been wishing for.

Help by providing Bankruptcy Basics

Many people enter bankruptcy with very little about what they can be expecting. Here are some basic bankruptcy concepts to be aware of prior to beginning the process:

1. Vehicle and real estate bankruptcy

    Many people fear that filing bankruptcy can make them lose possession of their house or car. It's not the case. The first rule to keep in mind is that if you wish to keep it going, be current. Most of the time, the car and mortgage companies won't be concerned if you're filing for bankruptcy as long as you're current with your payment.

    2. Dischargeable debt

    The debt bankruptcy is able to erase is known as a dischargeable debt. This includes items like medical bills, credit cards and personal loans, payday loans as well as older utility bills. There are certain kinds of debt that are not erased by bankruptcy. These are known as non-dischargeable loans and include student loans as well as children's support and alimony, or any other debt due to the government, such as parking tickets, taxes owed, or library fines.

    3. Bankruptcy court date

    If you file for bankruptcy, you are required to appear in the courtroom for a short meeting before the bankruptcy judge referred to as trustee. Don't be concerned about this. The bankruptcy court hearing is not like the ones you see on TV. There is no jury, and there will not be brutal questioning. In reality, you'll probably only speak about the bankruptcy trustee's concerns for 8 to 10 minutes. The purpose of the meeting is to verify that your bankruptcy doesn't contain any fraudulent activity.

    Help with Filing Bankruptcy

    It can be difficult to file bankruptcy. It is, in the end, a legal procedure which requires certain documents to be filed at a particular office at a particular date.

    The presence of a bankruptcy attorney is highly advantageous. It allows you, the debtor, to relax and not anxiety that you might have done something wrong. The lawyer will ensure that forms are completed precisely and submitted on time.

    We can connect you with an attorney in your area of the country so that you can discuss your situation with them and hear more specific bankruptcy options. You can fill out our no-cost on-line application, or dial us at our toll free number right now!