Bankruptcy Lawyers

Do You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

You may have heard that filing bankruptcy without an attorney is possible, and that is absolutely true. An individual can file what is known as a “pro se” bankruptcy on their own with no help from an attorney. However, that is rarely advised. This is because filing bankruptcy is a legal process that takes time as well as knowledge of the system. A slight mistake on one of the many bankruptcy documents could cause the entire case to get thrown out. Having a bankruptcy lawyer to guide you through the complex process can ease any stress you may have about making sure things are done right. At we can help you find a bankruptcy attorney in your area so that you can move towards financial freedom through bankruptcy.

Questions for a Bankruptcy Attorney

Once has helped you find an attorney in your area of the country you will want to meet with them to ensure that you feel comfortable with their company handling your case. Often times the initial meeting or consultation with the bankruptcy attorney is free to the debtor. In this meeting you will discuss your financial situation with the bankruptcy lawyer so that they can evaluate it and help you choose the right type of personal bankruptcy. The decision to file a Chapter 7 vs. a Chapter 13 can be a big one – having a bankruptcy attorney help you make that choice makes it simple. Once you and your bankruptcy lawyer have decided which Chapter you will file he/she will inform you of the timeline that you can expect to see. At this point you should feel free to ask the potential bankruptcy attorney questions about his or her experience with filing bankruptcy, the costs, and what they will expect from you as far as paperwork. Having this knowledge will give you confidence throughout the process.

Does a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney Exist?

The cost of filing bankruptcy varies based on the complexity of the specific case. For instance, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that will wipe away 15k in credit card debt will cost less to file than a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that involves 150k in debt, two cars, and a house. The bankruptcy attorney that you choose will give you an estimate of how much your case will cost to file based upon the specifics you discuss in your initial meeting. If you are unhappy with this quote you can simply meet with another attorney. You should be aware, though, that an average Chapter 7 bankruptcy today will most likely not be less than $1200, and a Chapter 13 averages near $2500. In addition to what an attorney will cost, there are filing fees that are mandated through every bankruptcy court in the country. As of 2014 the filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $306 and $281 for a Chapter 13. These are technically the court costs to file the case – the majority of the time they are unavoidable and must be paid to the court in certified funds like a cashiers check or money order.

Ready to File Bankruptcy?

You shouldn’t let the cost of a potential bankruptcy scare you. The majority of bankruptcy attorneys in America today will offer payment plans to their clients because they know you are struggling financially. In the long run paying $1200 dollars to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that can wipe away thousands in unsecured debt is really worth it. Fill out the online application on today to give us the information we need to match you with a bankruptcy attorney in your area. You could find a financial fresh start through bankruptcy in no time at all!